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Andrew Murray on the Holy Spirit

Andrew Murray on the Holy Spirit

God’s greatest gifts for you
The Holy Spirit was sent by the Father to be your Comforter when you are worried or afraid, your Strength when you are weak, your Safety when you are in danger, and your Peace in the midst of confusion. Andrew Murray explores the powerful, divine life that is meant for every child of God who is indwelled by His Holy Spirit.
As you read these pages, you will find out how to…
Receive the Holy Spirit
Have direct communication with God
Obtain all that God has for you
Overcome the Devil’s power
Inherit the promises of the Bible
Experience victory over sin
Find peace, love, and joy
Discover the secret of how to live for Christ in His strength instead of your own efforts. A dynamic, joyful life that is filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit can be yours today!