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Power of Scripture

Power of Scripture

Smith Wigglesworth knew firsthand of the power of Scripture. For years, the "Apostle of Faith" taught the Bible to millions of believers in his legendary, miracle filled meetings. Now, many of these teachings have been collected in one book, offering you the rare opportunity to sit at the feet of this anointed man of God.

Transcribed exactly as they were delivered to a select group of Bible students at Aimee Semple McPherson's celebrated Angelus Temple, these teachings will allow you to:
Better understand the gifts of the Spirit.
Claim victory over temptation.
Share in the riches of God's glory.
Learn how to pray for the sick.
See how God's presence brings healing.
Develop better spiritual discernment.
Live in the freedom of God's grace.
Be used by God to win souls.
Experience the biblical foundation of speaking in tongues.
Discover the joy of obeying God's Word.