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Unbroken 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep

Unbroken 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep

Can you count on promises made by your best friend? your doctor? your financial adviser? your car salesman? But with God, you don’t have to wonder! A promise made is a promise kept.

In an era when life feels shaky and commitments aren’t kept, Unbroken is a reminder that life’s foundation is secure for anyone who stands on God’s enduring promises.
Each of the eight chapters:
• Focuses on one of God’s key promises found in his Word
• Provides inspirational and practical help for anyone who desires to meditate on God’s enduring promises
• Presents practical ways to live out the truths of his promises
• Concludes with "Great and Precious Promises" questions to challenge individuals or small groups to claim God's enduring provision for their lives
• Ideal for home small groups, adult Bible fellowships, Sunday school classes, and book clubs